Apartments design

Interior design of apartments is a finely balanced and elegantly compatible environment. Typically planned flats by construction companies often leave much to be desired. You may have to face such defective features as cramped rooms, poorly installed facilities or low ceiling, etc. You may find it challenging to deal with it without resorting to qualified assistance. Highly skilled and qualified designers then help to arrange residential space in a luxuriously comfortable manner.

Conceptual development of design projects

A design project is precise guidance on execution of the design, including blueprints, photorealistic 3-D rendering and essential specifications. The listed aspects give a clear picture to the client and contractors to follow from the initial planning stage. Reasons to order an interior design project:


An efficient scheme on the interior architecture of the space

Furnishing, spatial planning/zoning and engineering systems are carried out to fine-tune and create ergonomically designed area.


The opportunity to make preliminary calculations

A well-conceived design project allows to calculate cost estimates including relevant materials, plumbing, furniture, lighting and décor features. It also outlines prices and suppliers.


The ability to design an ideal house with your own vision

The needs and wants of the client are of paramount importance when designing a project. Moreover, as every design is created from scratch our collaboration with the client results in a unique project.


Eliminating risks

A step-by-step guide which includes all the necessary documentation ensures a stepwise implementation. Without it there is no guarantee for technological expertise which consequently may lead to precarious and alarming changes while repair works are carried out. Well thought-out guidelines, which are clearly and comprehensively documented in accordance with building codes and regulations, are based on profound knowledge and relevant experience in composite designing.

Детская комната в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Ванная комната в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Кухня в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Обеденная зона в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Стены кухни обшиты деревянными панелями
Обеденный стол кухни в современном стиле
Гостиная в Минске в современном стиле
Диван в центре гостиной
Большая гостиная в современном стиле
Необычные светильники в гостиной в квартире в Минске
Дизайн интерьера спальни в золотистых тонах
Дизайн рабочего кабинета в современном стиле
Настенный телевизор в спальне
Окно из спальни в современном стиле
Детская комната для мальчика в современном стиле Минск
Рабочий стол в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Рабочий кабинет в светлых тонах в современном стиле
Диван в рабочем кабинете в квартире в Минске  в современном стиле
Просторный холл в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Холл в квартире в Минске в современном стиле
Ванная комната с большим зеркалом в квартире в Минске

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