Bungalow design in a modern style

We designed a bungalow for our customer from Cairo, which will be located…. on the roof top of a private house! The bungalow will be used as a summer bedroom or homeowner's office. We have developed both versions of the interior with the same bungalow facades.

About the development process




16 m²

The project was developed for a country with a warm climate, but can be used for European regions with the introduction of adjustments in accordance with the climatic features of the area.

What to do if you want an additional functional room, but you hadn’t provided for it in the architectural project? Contact us! We will always find the best way out of any situation.

In this case, the customer wanted to use the roof of his house and add the whole room there in the form of a closed bungalow. The management of the LCD gave permission for the project and we have developed a beautiful stylish bungalow made from laminated veneer lumber. While the customer was thinking about what kind of functional role to give this room, we developed 2 interior options, as a summer or guest bedroom and office.


The experience of working on this small but interesting project has shown that there are no hopeless situations. In our situation, both sides were very pleased. The customer is the perfect solution for your home, and we are a new and useful work experience!