Apartment in Minsk - Contrast modern interior

The design of this apartment was done by Julia Levchenko and published in the Major magazine.

About the development process




120 м²



This project can be described for a very long time, we suggest you familiarize yourself with its design. Enjoy watching!

The customers are a wonderful couple who wanted to see their interior functional, modern and contrasting in terms of decoration. The project used high-quality building and decorative materials, the furniture was designed according to individual sketches, and some of the furniture was from famous Italian factories. The project was completely entrusted to the designer, because the customers lived in another city and they did not have the opportunity to monitor the repair process. The main highlight of the project is a huge photo of a black panther, located in the living room. This is a kind of portrait of the customer, which emphasizes beauty and character.


You can see results on the photos of the object. The interior design turned out to be stylish, high-quality and “for all times”. Customers were very pleased with their new home. Interior designer received excellent feedback.