Design project of a private house in Minsk based on Kelly Hoppen style

Design project of the house which is located in the town of Zatsen, Minsk region. Finishing was done in 2014. A video of the realized object you can check below on this page.

About the development process




500 м²

The interior design of this house was created for a family with 3 people. Customers wanted to see their interior stylish, but at the same time calm without any bright color accents. The works of the famous British designer and decorator Kelly Hoppen were inspiring us to create such interior.

Understanding with the customers was founded immediately. While the house was under the construction stage we developed a design project and the drawings were used in the construction process. At the main area we have a large contrast living room with a combined dining and kitchen areas, a second light, huge windows and a vertical green wall (trend 2019) in the kitchen. Also you can see a floating transparent armchair bubble chair from designer Eero Aarnio .There are also a guest bedroom, bathroom and indoor pool on the Ground floor. On the First floor there are a master bedroom, a kids room and an office. All rooms are designed in the same style.


Sometimes it happens like that: you make a project, customers are satisfied, finishing is done ... And at that moment when only furniture and decor were left ... customers make a decision to sell the house and to buy a new one at another place.

The video below made as a commercial video for the sale of this wonderful house near Minsk. In terms of finishing the design project was implemented, but the furniture and accessories was not completed at that moment. But the changes in our life are always for the better! We wish a lot of happiness for the new owners, and for our beloved customers to become happy owners of a new wonderful house. As for us… we are always ready to help them with a new interior design and its finishing!