Design project of a private house in Minsk - Cozy American Classic

The customer contacted our company at the finishing stage and after unsuccessful cooperation with another designers. The house has already been done with ceilings, electrical items and bathrooms.

About the development process




430 м²



During the finishing process the customer even thought about selling the house, since he didn’t like what had been done and didn’t want to live in this house at all.

We completely redesigned the interior, taking into consideration what has been done already to avoid any additional costs. The new interior was designed in the American classic style. We revived the walls with moldings and a bas-relief, designed according to individual sketches by our decorator. We breathed new life into all rooms and they literally became with new colors and filled with stylish ideas!


A photos of the house will appear on our site very soon. The interior design in reality is even better than you can see in the 3D. Our customer is satisfied and no longer thinks about selling the house, but he is looking forward for a housewarming party. And this is exactly what pleases us and inspires us for a new creativity ...!