Apartment in the center of Minsk in the best traditions of the classics

About the development process




70 м²



Very cozy, solid, bright and stylish interior for a girl who really knows what she wants

This apartment is located on the Engelsa str. in the good old "Stalin`s house". Advantages of this apartment are 3-meter ceilings and location in the heart of the capital. Before contacting us, the customer already had unsuccessful experience of working with another design company and the main desire was to “hear” her requirements and to subtly feel the style of the interior, which should be done as a final result. The customer wanted to maintain the atmosphere of the old house, to avoid thin lines in the rooms and create a unique interior with a character that would fully meet her tastes and at the same time be unique.


The interior of this apartment turned out to be so cozy and atmospheric that at first wish after seeing it is to tumble down on the sofa in the living room and conduct small talk in a pleasant company.