Design project of a Townhouse. Modern luxurious interior

From the interior of this house you can feel a breath of stability, style and a perfect quality materials. Natural wood and marble in combination with black glossy surfaces create a special atmosphere of housing practical, respectable, but at the same time following the current trends which owners like so much.

About the development process






Working on this project really pleased all our team. Customers understood clearly what they want to see in their future home. A work was carried out quickly and harmoniously. The main task was to hide some flaws in the floors and supporting structures, which was not difficult, because of the initial height of the ceilings was 3.2 m and we had an opportunity to design the ceilings of the plasterboard while maintaining a decent height of the rooms.

The interior has a lot of wooden surfaces and textures — favorite material of customers. There are a huge number of storage systems, both hidden and open, including the bearing of a decorative function.


We are sure that such interior will be relevant for many years. It can be traced harmony and sense of taste. In such a house owners for sure will want to invite guests, and, most importantly, it will be a pleasant and comfortable space for living for all family members.