Apartment for a young family in the residential complex «Promenade»

About the development process




98 м²



Very bright, modern and stylish interior in gray shades and with bright accents. Designer was using some techniques that make this interior unique, but at the same time quite easy to implement.

This design project was developed for a young couple with a child. Customers wanted to see their future home very light, not cluttered with furniture, with a lot of hidden lighting, gloss and natural stone textures. We paid a lot of attention to the Living room and Kitchen. These rooms are visually separated by furniture, light and materials without partitions and walls, and are stylistically combined as well as possible. Being in the living room, customers and their guests will feel in a spacious comfortable room and will be able to spend a nice time on a 3.5-meter corner sofa of olive color, which is a bright accent of the whole room. We made the bedroom asymmetrical which is a very bold and stylish solution.


We are sure that such interior will be relevant for many years. It can be traced harmony and sense of taste. In such a house owners for sure will want to invite guests, and, most importantly, it will be a pleasant and comfortable space for living for all family members.