Sea house for a big family

About the development process




310 m²



It’s a bright, modern and stylish interior from which it blows with freshness and sea breeze. The house is located in an elite resort area of Egypt on the Red Sea.

The design project was developed for a large family. Customers wanted to see their house stylish, but without any frills, since the family will live in the house only 2-3 months a year. We created an interior with a feeling of coolness inside the house, which is very important for the hot climate of the region. All walls of the house are painted, but in the bedrooms using an interesting design technique, simple geometric patterns in different shades of paint. This budget trick looks very interesting and makes the rooms unique. The whole house is made in bright colors, which makes it very light and as if filled with light and air.


Interior design satisfied all members of this large and friendly family. At the moment, our construction team has already begun to implement the design project and we plan to complete the repair in a very short time (4 months) so that the owners of the house have time to enjoy their summer house until the season ends.