Apartment design project: a conceptual interior with retro elements

The interior of this apartment is saturated with bright colors. In the all rooms you can see some elements and decor in retro style.

About the development process




76 м²



We were faced with the task of maximally using the space of an apartment of 76 m² and creating the feeling that the space is larger than it actually is. At the same time, it was important not to use light shades and mirrors for wall decoration - that is, the basic techniques that visually expand the room.

In order to increase visually the volume of the rooms, we used the technique of “floating” ceiling with lighting around the all perimeter in the rooms, even bathrooms. In walls decoration we worked with only large planes and did not break the walls into small parts, even paintings and photos on the walls have a large size. With this approach the rooms becomes visually larger and it becomes possible to use saturated colors in combination with unobtrusive textures.


We have developed a very interesting and stylish apartment. A large number of decorating items and interior techniques creates a certain intrigue. You should be wondering what kind of family will live in this apartment… But it immediately becomes clear that these are charismatic and cheerful people.