Design project of a villa in Art Deco style

About the development process




650 m²



Art Deco is a style for courageous people with a good sense of taste and a love of luxury and bold combinations. This exotic style is designed to amaze and delight both owners and guests.

The design project was developed for a family with three children. The villa is located in the elite compound of New Cairo. Customers from the very beginning clearly knew what color schemes they would like to see in each of the rooms. All the rooms of the house are filled with light from windows with a height of more than 2 meters, so the use of dark tones in the interior is quite justified and balanced. Children’s rooms are different in style from other rooms, they look stylish and bright. A special revenge in the house is occupied by a bedroom with a luxurious bathroom and a large dressing room.


This luxury project is really worth of attention. It is full of details that I want to consider. It immerses you in a special atmosphere of comfort and a kind of chic, while being extremely convenient and functional.