Interior for a charismatic actor and his family

The apartment is located in the «Promenade» compound

About the development process




94 м²



Working with creative people is always a real pleasure. The interior is bright and non-standard.

The interior of the apartment was designed for a family of 4 persons: husband, wife and two small children. Initially, a three-room apartment turned into a comfortable four-room interesting layout. On the site of the kitchen, we made a bedroom for the spouses and its highlight was .... a black bathtub made of kvaril! A non-standart decision will allow the hostess of the house to spend her evenings in a luxurious bathtub with pleasure and to forget about all household members )) The layout of the bathroom can be attributed to the interesting solutions of this apartment. A transformer unit, in which the zone with the shower is separated from the zone with the toilet by a sliding partition made of frosted corrugated glass. The mirror wall in the corridor visually expands the space, hides the bathroom behind the mirror door and causes a slight shock to the guests .... the person needs to look around well to understand the layout and layout of this apartment.


Work on the project was conducted in a friendly, fun and in complete understanding between the designer and customers. The interior turned out to be very comfortable, but at the same time very extraordinary