Reconstruction of a private house. Modern interior in dark colors

Minsk region , village Raubichi

About the development process




150 m²



At this facility, the designer had to deal with a house which was built 15 years ago. The reconstruction began from the second floor of the house.

Upon completion of work on the second floor of the house and the annex, it is planned to remodel only 1 floor and a basement with a spa area and a swimming pool. The work was decided to be carried out in stages for the convenience of family members. The main wishes of the customers were to create a modern interior in dark colors and the creation of two full-fledged children's rooms from one. The designer was faced with a difficult task due to the presence of a complex hip roof, which literally "cut" the walls and ceilings of all rooms on the second floor. To create a harmonious interior, it was necessary to turn the minuses of the premises into their pluses, for which the technique of painting the ceilings in the color of the walls was used.


As a result of the work, the house began to acquire a stylish modern look that will delight its residents for many years. The difference between what was and what has become is simply colossal. You can verify this by comparing the new interior with the photographs of the object before our rework.